OSC began back in days of old, on a small platform called Blab.  After meeting so many kind and interesting people, Tom Bennis & Kimber Barrett decided to record their themed conversations under the Mantle of: Odd Shaped Panel.  Blab, however, was struck down by the internet gods and they began a pilgrimage over to Youtube.  Continuing their quest they began to amass a small group of faithful followers and have continued to do so.  They have since branched out into other content and have been collaborating with many mystics and magical creatures along the way.

Next Live Show

Sep 3rd, 2018

Tom  & Kimber talk video games with some of our favorite callers, join us!

Last OSP

The Road To Kimber

TUFF's Fan Friction is back and this season competitors old & new are coming after the Champ; our very own Kimber Barrett

But first they'll have to get through the OG Champ Brian Hurst

Follow the competition all year to see who will get a chance for the belt.

OSC News


Just added the Merch section to the site.  Really pleased with how it's coming together.  Just waiting on GoDaddy to change of the URL.


Just set up the new Odd Shaped Blog, I will be re-posting articles from the old blog as well as new content!


Updated the Patreon, the $5 Fast Pass is now listed.  Useful if you want to get VIP access to our call in shows.


Kimber & Tom just settled on the next OSP Live! being about "true" Hollywood myths & curses in pop culture. 

This one should be weird,

I'm excited.  We'll be calling for questions soon on Twitter.

Weekly Podcast Rotation