The Kind of People Mom Warned You About

We've had the chance to meet some amazing people along our journey.  


Whether encountering them in person or on the vast waves of the internet, our community is strong with creativity and talent. 


Please check out some amazing content below.



A Bit of Everything

  • Digital and Dice - a media production group entered around gaming news, in-depth discussions on game theory, very poorly done game reviews/previews, and pretty much anything else that is even vaguely gaming related. 
  • Eric Assenmacher - our own Downed Pilot Podcast's co-host tackles let's plays and television discussion.
  • Fauna Lore* - a mix of painting and game streams in a chill environment.
  • The Game Fixers - The Motto: "We play games.  We fix games. We are gamers with some movies."
  • Geek to My Nerd* - Two lifelong best friends who like to talk pop culture and play games.
  • Kingslayer Network* - Game of Thrones, wrestling, cryptids, gaming, and more.
  • PurpleDon - Your source for things spooky and enlightening.  Hosted by Morgan Robinson.
  • The TUFF Channel* - TUFF stands for "The Ultimate Fan Family" and is the home to Fan Friction.



"I'm just a Mechanical Engineer trying to make a difference in the world. My goal is to be an advocate for science education to help inspire the next generation of scientists. I also like talking movies!"


  • 0Spasian0 - Michelle takes you on some causal adventures.
  • Backwards Brain Labs - assortment of random crap that we feel needs attention or is entertaining in some small way.
  • Baha* - playing games while possibly being bad at them.
  • Ballin Chain - Nintendo fan girl streaming and having a good time.
  • ChronoSinger* - Vocal coach and gamer, serenading the masses while kicking asses.
  • Epic Potato Chip - Variety Streamer and Content creator. Join Tato on  live streams and hang out with him.
  • Furan - a bilingual streamer/gamer (English and French), illustrator and pixel artist. 
  • G_Man - Greg plays all kinds of games while having fun and being social.
  • Halo_Smyth - Southern, vegan, gaming girl. Channel is mainly let's plays.
  • knives_only - making content and memories for the future.
  • Night Shame -  a strong gaming channel who goes hard everyday.
  • Sanriku -  just your average gamer, who enjoys many different games from JRPGs to FPSs.
  • SiegeATX - usually streaming multiplayer games with his crew.
  • Smoke Screen - new to Youtube and ready to have fun.  
  • SnapClickKat* - focusing on retro games but Kat throws in modern games here and there! 
  • Spanishdude - new games & tech while also enjoying live streaming. Lets cry laugh & yes even rage.
  • Vehicle Crash Master - offering game play of open world as well as racing games.

Graphic Design

  • G9 Design - amazing designs by Jeannine.  Check out her site for some OSC & TUFF merch.

Movies & TV

  • DeVaughn Taylor - Not only does he love talking about them & how they impact his life, he wants to make them.
  • DVD Bunker * -  Brian & Matt dive into years of physical media purchases.  Deciding whether Brian made a good buy or it is goodbye to an old turd!
  • Eric Monroe* -  Your source for genuine reactions and Game of Thrones recaps.
  • Fly Over State of Film - Four guys talk and occasionally fight over movies.
  • It's A Wonderful Podcast - Morgan and Nolan dig into classic Hollywood films for the Golden Days.
  • The Marvelists - podcast with Peter Melnick and Eddie Wilson which talks about the massive Marvel universe!
  • Nolan Dean - writer and video essayist analyzes what we can learn from the stories we love.
  • The Ohio Review - "The world can suck! My goal is to make it suck less by being a fun distraction for everyone!"
  • QuoteUnquoteGuilty - Constantly defending something you love? Don't feel guilty. You're not alone.
  • Ramble On Movies - Eric and Dan give their hard earned reactions to recently released films.
  • Research and Destroy - A show about pop culture ephemera where guests will talk about one topic at length.
  • Zed Reviews - where cinema and cars meet for a discussion.


"I have an odd sound, my feel is different, I am imperfect, and I revel in it!

So my odd dreamers, join me on a journey outside the box with an ill method!" 

Xoshi can often be heard during the beginning of our streams, be sure to support him by following the links below.


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More Music:

  • Cobbie Ray - heartful tones with masterful production.
  • Collabonation Productions - "Our mission is to advance the arts by adding value to our customers through our advanced knowledge of the technical needs of their event."
  • Ka'ahele - the Hawaiian word for “Journey” and the musical name of Kelly Hyde. Her lyrics are clever, uplifting, and comical, bringing awareness and at the same time making light of the human situation.
  • Richard Traviss - a singer, poet, and rapper; channeling the power and strength of the Delaware River into compositions and extemporaneous displays. He advocates for love in all situations.