Downed Pilot Podcast:

Eric Assenmacher & Tom Bennis discuss failed TV pilots with a bit of shenanigans mixed in.



Tom Bennis, Kal the Jersey Devil & Justin Thulu discuss different paranormal & spooky things.


It's A Twofer:

Tom Bennis & Kimber Barrett compare two films for similar themes on the TUFF Channel.


The Mormo Zone:

Punk economics meets horror values in this niche interview show hosted by Shane Vozar.


OSP Live!:

Rotated with OSP & Chill, every 2 weeks Tom Bennis and Kimber Barrett chose a topic, and discuss 4 questions with callers.


OSP & Chill:

Rotated with OSP & Chill, every 2 weeks Kimber Barrett and Tom Bennis discuss pop culture news and have a Q&A.


Space/ Time Rewind:

Kimber Barrett & her companion Nolan Dean break down Doctor Who with their top 10 lists.



American Odds:

Tom Bennis & Kimber Barrett discuss the book to TV adaptation from Neil Gaimain & Bryan Fuller.


Night's Watch:

Kal the Kingslayer host's an in depth discussion on HBO's Game of Thrones with co-hosts Kimber Barrett & Tom Bennis.


Recap Binge:

Kimber Barrett & Tom Bennis recap a whole season of television; recently including The Punisher & Black Mirror.


Twin Peeps:

Tom Bennis & Kimber Barrett investigate the latest season of Twin Peaks and more!


Let's Plays

Animal Crossing:

Kimber Barrett reminisces about her childhood and Tom Bennis provides sweet voice over. 


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Kakarot Coffee

Tom Bennis hosts this morning show, waking up his inner potential.


Fall Out (1997):

Randall Sans & Tom Bennis pretty much just search for rope, later joined by Joseph Davis.


Nuzlocke Pokemon Sapphire:

Mistakes were made before we even started.


Pokemon - Infinite Fusion:

Tom Bennis & Randall Sans try out a fan made Pokemon game.