Article Rewind · 08. July 2018
2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon Franchise. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since I was down at my local video game store (mind you this was the mid 90’s so GameStop and Best Buy weren’t a thing yet) breaking open my piggy bank to purchase the newest craze in gaming for the Gameboy, Pokémon Red and Blue. To this day I consider it the best $26 dollars I have ever spent. It jump started my love for this series and introduced me to a new genre of gaming all together.

The Hype Train · 07. July 2018
When Joe Starr, writer of Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers, began to tease us relentlessly this past June about a new project that was coming out, I was immediately excited. I was even more ecstatic because he touted this project as the “stupidest dumb thing” he had ever made. What could it possibly be?

Retro Review · 06. July 2018
Released October of 2010, Fallout New Vegas was the highly anticipated follow up to Bethesda’s Fallout 3. While published by the beloved, though derided company, the development was primarily handled by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio forged from the ashes of Black Isle Studios, a subsidiary of Interplay Entertainment. Before Black Isle was officially founded, the team worked on the original two Fallout games, before the studio went under, and eventually became Obsidian.

Article Rewind · 05. July 2018
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a bildungsroman (coming of age story) set in the near future, which feels much more Mad Max’s Australia than Bill & Ted’s San Dimas. The title itself is a reference to old arcade style games where you would insert a quarter to commence game play. Any gamer who grew up in that era has instant nostalgia for that phrase. The title is apt given the nature of the book and its reliance on gaming culture to propel the action forward.

Full of Regret · 04. July 2018
Hey Hollywood, I think its time we had a talk. I feel like I’m sitting in detention on a Saturday. Me, a stern outcast. You, the hard-ass Principal with obvious insecurities. Staring each other down as we have a clash.

OSC News · 02. July 2018
Just added the Merch section to the site. Really pleased with how it's coming together. Just waiting on GoDaddy to change of the URL.
Full of Regret · 02. July 2018
Dragon Ball has been resurrected yet again with its premiere of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. After the amazing finale of Dragon Ball Super, I was beyond hyped for the release, especially after watching the trailer for the series about 30 times. However, I somehow was under the impression that this was a new series, but it is instead a promotional mini-series for the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game in Japan. With only about 8 minutes of content, I was beyond confused when the credits rolled.

OSC News · 01. July 2018
Just set up the new Odd Shaped Blog, I will be re-posting articles from the old blog as well as new content!
Article Rewind · 01. July 2018
It’s October again which of course means it’s horror season, and one of the shows I always look forward to the most is American Horror Story. Season 7, Cult, is currently airing new episodes but I want to take a look back at my all time favorite season, last year’s offering “Roanoke”.

OSC News · 30. June 2018
Updated the Patreon, the $5 Fast Pass is now listed. Useful if you want to get VIP access to our call in shows.

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