OSC News

OSC News · 02. July 2018
Just added the Merch section to the site. Really pleased with how it's coming together. Just waiting on GoDaddy to change of the URL.
OSC News · 01. July 2018
Just set up the new Odd Shaped Blog, I will be re-posting articles from the old blog as well as new content!
OSC News · 30. June 2018
Updated the Patreon, the $5 Fast Pass is now listed. Useful if you want to get VIP access to our call in shows.
OSC News · 29. June 2018
Kimber & Tom just settled on the next OSP Live! being about "true" Hollywood myths & curses in pop culture. This one should be weird, I'm excited. We'll be calling for questions soon on Twitter.
OSC News · 28. June 2018
Looks like we got a new site on our hands. Hoping to make things more interactive here with our followers.